Welcome To Clay Cafe Truro

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Opening date still to be announced.

Sorry for any inconvenience but we won’t be open in time for March Break week. It’s disappointing I know, we’re anxious too. But it’ll be worth the wait. Our new space is amazing!

Moving Notes:

• Our Inglis Street location is now CLOSED

• Do you have pieces still to pick up? No worries, your masterpieces will be moved to our new location and you can get them when we open. No problem at all!

• Stay tuned for the OPENING of our NEW LOCATION coming soon !


We have been hard at work getting our new space ready – calling on even our dog friends to help out – and we can’t wait to reveal it to you soon. We’ve had a couple of hiccups along the way and we appreciate your patience and support. We will let you know as soon as possible when our doors open at 600 Prince Street.